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StemGem® Flower Vases

StemGem® Flower Vases

High quality, reusable and child & pet friendly...
Shop Flower Vase

Perfect for shop displays and pedestal arrangements.

Shop Vase from StemGem Vases
Aqua Flower Vase

Large aqua handties, ideal for front facing displays.

Aqua Vase from StemGem Vases
Table Flower Vase

Superb for bridal bouquets & table placements.

Table Vase from StemGem Vases
Posie Flower Vase

Perfect for small aqua handties & gravesites.

Posie Rose Gold StemGem Vase
Rose Gold StemGem Table Vase

Durable, Lightweight

& even dishwasher safe!

The StemGem® range of Flower Vases are designed as a go-to base for a whole host of arrangement & flower display solutions. Perfect as shop displays & to use for aqua handties, table or posie arrangements, even for graves as there frost proof.
StemGem® flower vases set the new standard with fresh, modern colour finishes, with a match for every occasion and the best bit there made from waste out your recycle bin here in the UK.

Choose Your StemGem® Vase…

StemGem Shop Vase Height & Diameter
StemGem Green Aqua Vase
StemGem Posie Vase Dimensions
StemGem Rose Gold Vase Dimensions

Great choice of
size & colour

designed & made in the UK!

As experienced Florists, we understand the challenges of finding the right vase to bring out the best in the flowers we use. That's why we've created a size & colour range which offers something for everyone. Ideal for use on their own, but equally brilliant for wrapping and tying with adornments & accessories, making a beautiful finished display designed to last, couldn't be easier!

Choose from our brand new range of pearlescent tones, available in Sage, Grey, Pink & Cream and moulded right here in the UK from 100% recycled plastics. The full range of StemGem® flower vases can be easily reused or returned to point of sale, meaning less waste and better value for everyone...

At StemGem® we're serious about helping reduce environmental impact, now and in the future, so each and every one of StemGem® Flower Vase products & accessories can be recycled easily when they reach the end of their life-cycle. Why not get in touch with us today to find out more?