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NEW StemGem® Specials…

Try a package to suit your needs! You will receive a mixture of our different coloured vases in four sizes, along with Twine Occasion Sticks and wooden shapes! Try something new…. You can choose from 13 colours or mix and match !

Taster – 1 x Shop 1 x Aqua, 2 x Posie and 2 x Table Vases, 6 in total, in 3 different colours of your choice. Along with 135m of binding twine, 6 x  occasion Stick ovals and 6 x wooden Shapes.

Standard-  6 x Aqua, 6 x Posie and 6 x Table Vases, 18 in total, in 6 different colours of your choice. Along with 200m twine, 9 x  occasion stick ovals and 18 x wooden Shapes.

Luxury – 4 x shop 12 x Aqua, 12 x Posie and 12 x Table Vases, 40 vases in total, in colours of your choice. Along with 200m twine and 50m Hemp, 30 x  occasion stick ovals and 30 x wooden Shapes.

Please note: pearl Posie and Table Vases are currently out of stock, along with grey Display Vases… All other colours are available but please specify in the notes section! Thankyou.






NEW StemGem®  Specials…..

StemGem Vases are simple to use and provide instant presentation for your arrangements.

In our specials you will receive a mixture of different coloured and shaped vases, the bonus being you choose your colours……

Range of 4 size StemGem Vases

Display Vase H35 X T13 X B19cm

Aqua Vase: H22.5 X T11 X B16.5cm

Posie Vase:H21.5 X T8.5 X B12.5cm

Table Vase: H15 X T9.5 X B13.5cm

StemGem Vases and Wooden Charms are made  in the UK and we ourselves are a proud British Manufacturing Company turning Ocean, industrial and general waste into stunning reusable vases.

Get your customers on a return scheme with our vases being able to be used time and time again due to their durability.

StemGem® Vases, as well as being 100% eco-friendly, lightweight & reusable, they are also fully frost resistantwaterproof, shatterproof, and are even safe around children and pets.

Thankyou for all your support through these crazy times.

StemGem Family x

Additional information

Weight 4.99 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 45 cm

Luxury, Standard, Taster

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