StemGem® Aqua Handtie Vases


StemGem® Aqua Handtie Vases

Our recyclable StemGem® Aqua Vases are especially great for large aqua handties and front facing displays and are available in thirteen colours.

Aqua vase size:
Height: 22.5cm
Base: 16.5cm
Top: 11.0cm

Vase prices:
40 vases = £1.92 per vase
18 vases = £2.50 per vase
05 vases = £4.80 per vase

All prices shown include VAT.

Same day dispatch on all online orders placed before 11amMonday to Thursday.

If you would like specific colours when ordering a mixed box, write them in the notes section at the checkout and we will ensure that this is packed correctly.



StemGem® Aqua Handtie Vases

The perfect Aqua Handtie solution

You’ll find our StemGem® Aqua Vases are perfect for aqua handties as they are quick and easy to use. Flowers can be made in advance with no worries as the damp does not affect them. They are unbreakable and lightweight, meaning they are safe around children, pets and even grandparents, and you do not have to worry about your vases being knocked over and shattered.

StemGem® Vases are incredibly durable and the best part is that they are made from industrial, general and ocean waste. Reusable vases that are hassle free and allow instant presentation for your customers, all made from recycled waste products and made in the UK.

Get your customers on a return scheme with our StemGem® vases being 100% reusable… and say goodbye to cellophane and those awful soggy boxes.

Additional information

Weight 5.36 kg
Dimensions 45.00 × 45.00 × 30 cm
Aqua Vase Colours

Baby Blue Aqua Vase, Black Aqua Vase, Gold Aqua Vase, Ocean Grey Aqua Vase, Purple Aqua Vase, Red Aqua Vase, A Mixed Aqua Pack, Pink Aqua Vase, Rose Gold Aqua Vase, Lilac Aqua Vase

Choose from 3 options

1 x Aqua Handtie Vase, 18 x Aqua Handtie Vases, 40 x Aqua Handtie Vases, 5 x Aqua Handtie Vases


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