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New Flower Vase

StemGem® Flower Vases

High quality, reusable and child & pet friendly...
Shop Flower Vase

Perfect for shop displays and pedestal arrangements.

Aqua Flower Vase

Large aqua handties, ideal for front facing displays.

Table Flower Vase

Superb for bridal bouquets & table placements.

Posie Flower Vase

Durable, Lightweight

& even dishwasher safe!

The StemGem® range of Flower Vases are designed as a go-to base for a whole host of arrangement & flower display solutions. Perfect as a trusted florist shop display & to use in delivery of aqua handties, table or posie flower arrangements. StemGem® flower vases set the new standard with fresh, modern colour finishes, with a match for every occasion!

Choose Your StemGem® Vase…

Great choice of
size & colour

designed & made in the UK!

As experienced Florists, we understand the challenges of finding the right vase to bring out the best in the flowers we use. That's why we've created a size & colour range which offers something for everyone. Ideal for use on their own, but equally brilliant for wrapping and tying with adornments & accessories, making a beautiful finished display designed to last, couldn't be easier!

Choose from our brand new range of pearlescent tones, available in Sage, Grey, Pink & Cream and moulded right here in the UK from 100% recycled plastics. The full range of StemGem® flower vases can be easily reused or returned to point of sale, meaning less waste and better value for everyone...

At StemGem® we're serious about helping reduce environmental impact, now and in the future, so each and every one of StemGem® Flower Vase products & accessories can be recycled easily when they reach the end of their life-cycle. Why not get in touch with us today to find out more?