A Little Bit of History

StemGem was created by 2 Florists Linda and Yvette, as working florists we wanted a modern vase, easy to use, unbreakable and time saving. It also enables the recipient to change the water extending the life of the flowers. Our main objectives for our vase had to be affordable, recyclable and unbreakable so we choose to use recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene) it is one of the most re cycled waste products and it melts back down to be reused, we use recycled HDPE to make all our vases. It can  be dropped without cracking or breaking and we manufacture in the UK to support local businesses.

Why Choose StemGem Vases

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made in UK
  • Made from Recycled products
  • Family Run Business
  • Affordable and Reusable
  • Quicker to construct Aqua Handties
  • Durable and Light Weight
  • Modern and Waterproof
  • Made by Florists for Florists
  • Available in Black, Gold, Cream, Grey or Mixed

StemGem Vases

We are a family run business run by Yvette and Stefan Coates. Any colour combination looks amazing in a StemGem Vase made in a fraction of the time, at peak periods its worth its weight in gold.

Perfect for aqua handties, presentation for brides or bridesmaids flowers and for table arrangements as can be given as gifts after the event.

Available in Gold, Black, Cream, Grey or mixed colours.